Kind words + Testimonials about Kylie Sprott

I’ve recently appointed Kylie as chairperson to the Advisory Board of my firm and have been extremely impressed with her work so far. Kylie has the rare combination of emotional and intellectual intelligence, which is what makes her stand out in her industry. In addition to the ability to quickly develop a genuine relationship with people at all levels of the business, she also has a great understanding of all aspects of business operations and the strength to make tough but fair decisions.

Peter Bilton

Director and Principal Traffic Engineer (RPEQ, CPEng), Point8

I had the pleasure of working with Kylie at Cardno for more than 6 years. Kylie is truly one of the greatest mentors I have ever met. She was always the “go to person” when conflicts would arise and she knew exactly how to resolve them. Kylie took anything that came her way and made sure it was dealt with in the most effective way possible. She constantly looked out for her team and worked hard to make sure everyone she worked with was well looked after.

Kylie exhibits strong interpersonal skills and has a unique capacity for empathy in the workplace. These qualities most notably translate in her ability to motivate an entire team to care about the project at hand and be invested in the project’s success.

Kylie has built a reputation as someone who has a broad vision and this vision is what will take any company to great places. I highly recommend Kylie and know that any company will benefit greatly by having her on their team

Courtney Hron (Jacobs)

Project Manager, Rosendin Electric

I had the pleasure to support Kylie for 2 years in my role as her Executive Assistant. Kylie was recognised and humbled to be awarded as one of the finalists for the Telstra Business Woman of the year award which I was so proud to be associated with in her achievement. The privilege to witness her enthusiasm for Company Culture; Diversity; Work Ethic and Leadership across many areas of the business daily was inspirational to me and so many others to say the least.

Karen Moffett

Executive Assistant to the Managing Director, CEO of Bank of Queensland

Kylie is an extremely unique leader – she is the perfect combination of smart, genuine, intuitive, ethical, hard-working, responsible, and humble. Across Cardno, and throughout all levels of the organization, Kylie is widely respected and recognized as a strong dynamic leader. Kylie is the driving force behind many strategies and as business changes she is able to adapt quickly and shows poise under pressure. Kylie is a naturally charming, engaging, and charismatic leader who projects self-confidence, authority, and enthusiasm. She is someone you want to be around. She is very warm and genuine with a perfect and appropriate sense of humor. She holds high expectations of her teams while at the same time making work fun. Kylie is not affraid of making the tough decisions that come along with leading bold strategies. She has a high degree of integrity, challenge, and drive. She is authentic in her actions and people gravitate to her. Kylie’s management style is to trust and empower teams and she provides the perfect balance of counsel and guidance to set them up for success. Kylie is a mover and a shaker and makes things happen! I would welcome the opportunity to work with Kylie again at any time. I absolutely recommend Kylie to any organization, she epitomizes what it means to be a great leader and business partner.

Karen Wagner

Chief Information Officer / Chief Operating Officer, Lexipol, LLC

Kylie is a truly remarkable human being – she manages the conflicting demands of life to perfection and has managed to succeed as a senior executive, partner, mother and companion simultaneously, without loss of quality in any of those areas. She combines an incisive intellectual horse-power, with a disarming personal sincerity and an ability to be equally at home discussing federal politics in parallel with the ‘footy results’, resulting a great cross-gender social appeal.

John Murlewski

Executive Coach and Director

Rarely in your career do you come across someone with a strength of character and personal integrity who inspires you to become a better person in everything that you do. Kylie Sprott is one of these rare individuals. She has a talent well beyond HR for strategic visioning, bold leadership and effective management and she has an innovative flair for new ideas and continous improvement. Suited to any number of executive roles, Kylie would be a immensely valuable contributor to the success of any organisation

Phillip Dickman

National Services Sales Manager , Data#3

Kylie and I met at Cardno when I became the Executive Coach for the President of the Americas and his Vice Presidents. Lets get the easy ones out of the way first. Her financial acumen, organizational agility, and executive presence are world class. She could easily compete with any corporate executive I have had on my teams or as a client. However, what instantly impress me was the level of organizational respect and influence she commanded through out all of Cardno’s top management. The real and sincere affection she received from the Cardno team overall was remarkable. It is never the formal power which impresses me it is the informal power. The ability to influence individuals when you are not their boss is true leadership. She was the heart of the organization. She was the go to executive everyone went to for counsel and direction!

Juan Manuel Sanchez

CEO, Speaker, Author, Coach

A very big thank you, on behalf of the Gold Coast District Law Association, for your engaging and informative workshop on goal setting.

We all had an opportunity to reflect on, or plan our goals and you provided excellent practical strategies to use.

Your style of presentation was relaxed but structured, and you made everyone feel brave enough to fully embrace the activities you provided.

It was a great afternoon and we hope to have you back soon.

Joelene Nel

Associate Director, McLaughlins Lawyers

Kylie first got my attention when she created “Women in Cardno”, where we both worked. Her drive to constantly improve her work environment and her tenacity were an inspiration to those around her and something many of us strived for.

Kylie has that knack of being able to influence while pushing up her sleeves to collaborate with the rest of the team.

I would welcome the opportunity to work with Kylie in the future.

Wendi Shelton

Human Resources Business Partner, Cardno

I have had the pleasure of working with Kylie for in excess of 10 years. Our terms of engagement have been around utilising our services to enhance employee benefit programs.

I have always found Kylie to be vibrant and often admired the way she has created a culture of personal development, inclusiveness, and accountability.

Kylie has played a key role in many mergers and acquisitions ensuring business objectives are achieved and shareholders’ expectations met.

I have no hesitation in recommending Kylie. Kylie is very well regarded and respected by staff and business partners alike.

Stephen Wood

Senior Financial Adviser & Executive Shareholder, Wilsons

Kylie has extensive business knowledge and skills. She is able to develop a vision and the strategy to implement important changes. Kylie understands important business functions including IT, HR, and marketing. She was instrumental in implementing changes for Cardno’s business services to combine these processes on a regional basis. Kylie’s leadership at Cardno is critical and she is making the organization better at many levels

Shannon Lollar, CPA, CIA, CISA

Internal Audit Executive

Kylie is someone who immediately inspires trust and confidence in those who meet her. Kylie’s ability to meet everyone at their own level and draw out their best potential makes her someone you really want to work with and do your best for. Kylie’s door was always open, her phone always available and her wisdom always on tap. I greatly valued my time working with Kylie and look forward any future opportunity I have to do so again.

Murray Hermann

Head of Projects & Solution Delivery (Asia and Australia), GBST

I have had the pleasure of working with Kylie on and off for over 12 years and hold her in the highest esteem. She has an amazing ability to stay calm when all around are losing their heads. She is also able to be truthful and tactful in a wonderfully disarming fashion. With these skills I have seen Kylie bring the toughest senior executives on side.

Kylie is one of the most forward thinking Human Resource professionals I know. Her unparalleled integrity, charm, honesty and enthusiasm for life put to bed the lie that you need to be tough in order to make it to the top.

Kylie is truly one of life’s gems.

Rod Matthews

Leadership Development | Personal Development | Executive Coach

Kyie is a fantastic person with many positive attributes and incredible integrity. She has a passion to deliver results and it is infectious amongst her team. She is a leader and has solid skills in both the operational and strategic areas of HR. Kylie was an asset to all her worked with her at Volante.

Hugh Bickerstaff

Early stage (Pre IPO) Investment Expert and Start Up Founder Strategic Advisor , Investible

Kylie is a great HR talent and leader, one of the best around. She is efficient, tough and dynamic, has a fantastic personality, unwavering integrity and a amazing grasp of business. Kylie is fiercely loyal to the organisation & her team and will not easily compromise on Human Resource Management discipline for short sighted political or economic advantage, a rare and valuable quality for any HR Director today

Dinesh De Silva

CEO & Co-Founder,

Working within Corporate Marketing, I had the extreme pleasure of being part of the teams who reported into Kylie during her time as General Manager Global Business Services at Cardno. Kylie is an incredible and inspirational leader, who was one of the company’s core contributors to its people and culture. She was the leading force behind many diversity and business culture platforms that were launched during her time at Cardno. Her palpable passion and drive for the growth of the company and its people are examples of why so many of these initiatives were successful. On a personal level, it was always a pleasure to work with Kylie. Her open and endearing personality makes her approachable and her passion for her work is somewhat infectious, making you want to strive to deliver the best work for a leader you know is doing the same. Kylie would be an asset to any company she works for or with and I would welcome the opportunity to work with Kylie in the future.

Dawn Wilson

Senior Corporate Graphic Designer , Cardno