strategic advice for your business from an experienced + proven specialist


Kylie provides strategic advice to businesses that require specialist expertise.  Drawing on her 25 years of experience as an executive across a variety of industries and businesses, Kylie can provide independent advice and guidance on the following topics:


Kylie has been involved in more than 25 mergers and acquisitions globally with 5 different organisations.  Kylie has specialised knowledge of culture mapping and integration and has applied this effectively for over 20 years.  Kylie understands the due diligence process and the importance of sound planning in the integration phase.  In addition, Kylie has also been involved in divesting three businesses in different organisations during her career.


Kylie is highly skilled in developing strategy in both publicly listed and private organisations – large and small.  She has an excellent grasp of business strategy and how that applies to the different elements of the organisation.  Kylie is experienced in leading businesses through the implementation of strategy into business plans and communication plans.


Kylie has worked with a number of senior executives, CEOs and Board of Directors.   Consequently, she understands both the theory of leadership and the practicalities of what really works when it comes to leading a business.   Kylie is particularly adept at coaching on the importance of leadership whilst implementing significant change programs.


Having led global teams that were responsible for the implementation of a digital programs, Kylie is well versed in the importance of creating a clear digital strategy.  This includes all aspects of digital from the website and mobile to email, social media and digital marketing.


Kylie has helped businesses manage significant change programs and has highly developed expertise on formal change management and associated communications strategies.