So, do you want to be a CEO?

So, do you want to be a CEO?

Look deep into your ambitious soul and ask yourself:  “Do you want to be a CEO?”

This year I have been busily looking for my next executive role. A role that would provide significant challenge, an opportunity to be creative and most importantly, a place where I can work with great people who are smart and know how to have fun.  That is my quest!

One of the questions that has popped up several times during interviews, networking catch ups and soul searching sessions with mentors has been a question that I sometimes struggle to answer. “So, do you want to be a CEO?”

My immediate reaction to this question is, “When I grow up?”.  Then follows a mixture of feelings including flattery, burning ambition, and an overriding sense of the “tall poppy syndrome”.[1] A battle in my brain between my ambition and my fear kicks in, followed swiftly by endless questions in my mind about how that could possibly happen.